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How to pay off your debt

How to pay off your debt

Most people in South Africa have debt. We can’t dispute that. Infact, consumer debt stands at nearly R2 trillion. Yes – trillion rand. Not billion. Not...

About Me

I have been active in the personal finance and consumer rights space for many years. I was in charge of the Western Cape arm of a project set up by the Department of Trade and Industry and the Credit Ombudsman to look at the access to financial information by ordinary South Africans. Amongst other things – I have been the anchorwoman for Fin24, the National Consumer Debt Expert for SABC 2’s  financial literacy show, Head of Research and Consumer Education for one of SA’s leading DC companies, and I have been writing a a weekly personal finance column for the Daily Voice (Independent Online and Print) for many years. 

 I don’t write and talk for “the converted”. I speak to those who have limited access to empowering financial information. I speak to, and for those who are scared, ashamed and guilty around the topic of money .

I deal with the  real financial issues faced by real South Africans every day. The  scary financial jargon, the condescending messaging and the judgemental tones needs to stop.

Shit happens. Life happens. We need to stop feeling guilty about our negative financial situation. Instead, we need to know our rights, be aware of our options –  and find solutions. We need to stop  financially surviving  – and start THRIVING!

Welcome to MONEY WITH MOESHFIEKA: Money. Life. Real Talk