About Me

Meet Moeshfieka

I have a problem with the financial narrative in South Africa. We are being told how to save and invest millions of rands – when most of us don’t know where the next meal or electricity voucher is going to come from. We get information from sources who clearly don’t understand the lived reality of most of our communities. We are made to feel guilty and ashamed for not being financially clued – up, and that makes us shy away from seeking out financial knowledge and information which can empower us.


This site is here to help ordinary people, with everyday struggles – across race, class or income group :

  • Find solutions to financial struggles
  • Equip consumers with the tools, services and products to become more informed and ready to make better financial decisions, and ultimately lead better lives.


I got into the financial industry after my divorce. I was drowning in debt and didn’t know where to turn. I had a 2 year old and a 7 year old who needed my care. Though I had an amazing support structure, I was working multiple jobs – and just couldn’t find the information I needed to help me get my head above water.

The banks and creditors who I owed money to were (at best) vague in their responses to my many questions. They just wanted their money. The debt collectors working on commission were unrelenting in their harassment – and advice that was given on financial platforms were jargonized, intimidating and seemed to blame me for the situation I was in. And as a single mother, I was utterly exhausted.

Within this turmoil, I committed to finding out as much as I could about how to get out of debt and better manage my money – and to upskill myself and share the knowledge.


This journey saw me, amongst other things:

  • Head up the Western Cape arm of project set up by the Department of Trade and Industry and the Credit Ombudsman to look at the accessibility of financial information to ordinary South African consumers
  • Be the National Consumer Debt Expert for SABC 2’s financial literacy programme – Rands with Sense
  • Act as Head of Research and Consumer Education for SA’s leading debt counselling company
  • Anchor interviews with leading economists and financial experts for Fin24
  • Present and produce financial television shows for BRICS TV, Cape Town TV
  • Give regular financial commentary on all major national and community radio stations and television channels (ENCA, Newzroom Afrika, Cape Talk, Radio 786 etc)
  • Hold financial education workshops at corporate, government and community level
  • Host a range of women empowerment and small business development initiatives
  • Become an accredited life coach – focusing on financial coaching
  • Be the personal finance writer (focusing on debt management, small business development, consumer rights and overall financial education) for the Daily Voice – the most read publication in the IOL stable.


Yet, what I am proudest of is that my 2 children braved the storm and turned out to be pretty decent human beings – who have empathy and compassion for others. My son is currently doing his Masters degree in Politics and my daughter is doing her B Ed in foundation phase teaching. I have also found the absolute love of my life – who adores me and treats me with a constant level of love and respect, that I wish for everyone else.


So – this is me.

I have screwed up. I have been knocked down. I have stumbled and fallen, But by the grace and mercy of the Almighty, in my strength I stand tall, walk proud and forge forward.

If you have come here for the Ra-Ra of “pretty, flashy, money ” then you’re in the wrong place. Here we do real talk, about money – in real life.

I have partnered with experts in the industry. All who have the same mindset, passion and motivation to empower our communities with financial information – so that we may lead better lives, and leave lasting legacies.

Welcome to Money with Moeshfieka.